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My Friend Ana
CANADA / 2006 / 11 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin, Jessica Malka, Giovanna Carrubba, Al Vandercruys,
Philippe Daneault, Raphaelle Simard
Cinematography: Claudine Sauve
Editing: Annie Ilkow
Sound: Benoit Dame
Music: Aras Bukauskas
Written, Produced and Directed by: Laura Turek

At 14, Sophie’s life is suddenly turned upside down. She finds herself in a surreal work camp with no guards or sentries, and where the gates are wide open. In the camp, Sophie meets Ana who offers to become her friend and guide her through the bizarre place. But just as Sophie appears able to free herself, Ana begs her to stay. Will Sophie choose to stay with her friend Ana?

Laura Turek has worked in both documentary and fiction. She is currently directing “What’s That About?” a look at what makes up everyday things we take for granted. “Cherry Fruitbread”, her first fiction short, won the Audience Choice Award for the Best Canadian Short Film at the Montréal World Film Festival in 2003. “Best in Snow”, her second short film, was one of the scripts selected for production in the Moc Doc’s competition, and was screened at Hot Docs 2004 in Toronto where it was placed as runner-up Best Moc Doc of the festival. She is currently in pre-production with the Canada Council for the Arts on another short fiction film “Man of the Family.”


Na Corda Bamba (Walking The Tightrope)

Cast: Filippe Lyra, Luciara Santos, Luciara Santos, Maria Gabriela Cruz
Cinematography: Ricardo Bicudo
Editing: Daniel Bandeira
Sound and Music: Leo D, William P.
Animation and Art Direction: Marcio Vieira, Marcos Buccini, Filippe Lyra, Pedro Augusto
Written, Produced and Directed by: Marcos Buccini

A fable about modern life’s indifference and the effort to remain positive.

Marcos Buccini was director of the animation “The Tree Of Money” that won at the Animamundi Festival in 2002 and the Recife’s Videos Festival in the same year. “Death Of the Clay King” which he co-directed, has also won several festival prizes.


Open Doors
INDIA / 2006 / 14 MIN 9 SEC / ENGLISH

Cast: Ashish Kapoor, Tisca Chopra, Pravashi Das
Cinematography: Akshay Singh
Editing and Sound: Kabir Singh
Music: Varun Nair
Written, Produced and Directed by: Alankrita Shrivastava

“Open Doors” is an attempt to explore why women who are victims of domestic abuse do not walk out of their marriages. It is a story of Anamika, a woman who has been battling severe domestic abuse for several years, but keeps going back to her husband. The film begins when Anamika has just returned to her marital home. Over a span of 24 hours, Anamika’s life unfolds through her thoughts, through her memory and through her present. The crucial question is: can she forget the past?

Alankrita Shrivastava is currently an executive producer with Prakash Jha Productions. She lives in Mumbai and this is her first independent short film. Alankrita has been the chief assistant director on “Apaharan”, “Loknayak” and “Gangaajal” directed by Prakash Jha. She has done her masters in mass communication from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, and graduated in journalism from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.


Open Sea
CANADA / 2005 / 18 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Simon Pigeon, Kim Abel, Jean Harvey, Genevieve Desilets
Cinematography: Simone A. Rapisarda
Editing: Anna Wock
Sound: Sebastien Durocher
Music: Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke
Art Direction: Sylvie Roy
Written, Produced and Directed by: Simone A. Rapisarda

A man remembers a strange moment from his childhood when, having recently emigrated with his family, torrential rain trapped them on the last floor of a tall building. It was an event that forced him to face the stillness and commotion of life for the first time.

Simone A. Rapisarda was born in Sicily. He left Italy for Quebec soon after completing his masters in computer sciences. He has recently obtained his bachelor’s in film production at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. “Open Sea” won the Best Fiction Film Award at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2005, and the Special Jury Mention at the Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois, Montreal, in 2006, and has been screened at a number of other international film festivals.


UK-SPAIN / 1995 / 25 MIN / SPANISH

Cast: Jorge de Juan, Belén Fernández, El Moro, Luis de Luis, Raúl Fraire
Cinematography: José Luis López-Linares
Editing: Paul Endacott, Jamie Pearson
Music: Paco Peña
Screenplay: Jamil Dehlavi, Peter Bunyard
Produced and Directed by: Jamil Dehlavi

A close collaboration between director Jamil Dehlavi and celebrated flamenco guitarist Paco Peña, the film is a modern version of the Easter story set in Andalucia, Spain. From Last Supper to Crucifixion we follow the fate of a young Spaniard and the energy of the story drives it to a frightening climax. Part of Spotlight on Jamil Dehlavi.

Jamil Dehlavi is an independent filmmaker of Pakistani origin based in London. His father was a diplomat, so the family travelled extensively before he was sent to study in England. After reading law at Oxford, he was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, then changed course, preferring instead to enter the world of cinema. Jamil studied film at Columbia University in New York and went on to produce and direct several international award-winning feature films.


Person To Persian
UK / 2006 / 27 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Mathew Benson, Sunita Shroff, Salome Azizi
Cinematography: Ian Samels
Editing: Joel Cahen
Sound: Joel Cahen, Jeremy Nicholls
Music: Edward White
Art Direction: Adam Alive, Rachel Pires
Written, Produced and Directed by: Adam Alive

David approaches Soraya with a desperate plea to help find his Persian girlfriend, Diba. As his story unfolds, this brief encounter reawakens Soraya’s own search for love and cultural identity. A story about love, loss and cultural identity.

“Person to Persian” is Adam Alive’s first film as director, and his second as writer and producer. He has been an actor since 1999, having trained at the Academy Drama School, London, appearing on the London and Edinburgh fringe and in a variety of short films. Adam is originally from the Midlands with a background in social work, predominantly in the mental health field. After undertaking a number of production courses, he completed his first short film “Professions of Love” in 2003. Adam scripted, produced and acted in the short, which has been screened at a number of international film festivals. Adam is currently raising finances for his first feature film, “A Thousand Natural Shocks”, a psychological drama that explores the myth of the wounded healer.

    Pervaz (Flight)
PAKISTAN / 2005 / 55 MIN / URDU

Cast: Aman-Ullah Nasar, Shaista Khan, Abdullah Ghaznavi-Asaldeen Khan,
Huma Khanum, Amna Khan
Cinematography: Naveed Buzdar
Editing: Baqir Rafiq Rind
Sound: Iqbal
Screenplay: Zafar Meraj
Producers: Khalid Ahmad, British Council Pakistan
Directed by: Sharjil Baloch

Abdur Rahman is a progressive-minded villager who moves away from his native village to give his family a more enlightened environment. He educates his daughters well, but when they are of marriageable age, he does not have the courage to deny the elder daughter’s hand in marriage to his brother’s illiterate, good-for-nothing son. Living in a complete mismatch of a marriage, the girl tries to bring some meaning to her life in the village and starts running a school. Her rising success and status in the village creates feelings of inferiority in her husband.

Sharjil Baloch has been working as a freelance director since 2001. He has directed a number of documentaries and many plays. He also acts and writes. His first documentary “Ki Jana Main Kaun” was screened at the 4th KaraFilm Festival and “Das Rupay”, a short film, was shown at the 5th KaraFilm Festival. Sharjil works for the Dastak Society for Communication as a film director.


CYPRUS / 2006 / 13 MIN / GREEK

Cast: Stella Fyrogeni, Pavlos Tooulakos, Panayiotis Lagoudis, Evagelia Panayiotopoulou
Cinematography: Stefanos Eftitimiadis
Editing: Panayiotis Photiov
Sound: Marco Lopez
Music: Demetrios Mylonas
Written, Produced and Directed by: Ioakim Mylonas

“Pharmakon” means medicine, cure or potion. It can also mean poison, bewitchment or enchanting spell.

Born in Larnaca in 1977, Ioakim Mylonas graduated from Anglia Polytechnic University of Cambridge with a BA (Hons) in communication and film. He obtained his MA in film direction at Leeds Met with distinction. His previous film, “Chronos”, won awards in Greece, Cyprus and the UK.

UK / 2006 / 8 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Paul Kaye, Isobel Hurll, Andrew Buckley, Lucy Montgomery, Kiki Kenorick
Cinematography: Ed Wild
Editing: Louise Macgregor
Sound: Greg Marshall
Music: Rob Lord
Screenplay: Katie Ellwood
Producer: Tina Dawlik
Directed by: Bert and Bertie

A surreal adventure into the minds of five phobiacs in a waiting room and an evil receptionist with the power to make fears realities. In this strange arena, scissors fly, beards grow and dances erupt as she reduces the patients to emotional jelly: a circus of paranoia that hides a deeper, darker secret.

Bertie (Katie Ellwood) is a writer and producer for Sony Playstation. She wrote and motion-captured the BAFTA winning game “The Getaway” and the platinum selling “Black Monday.” “Phobias” is Bertie’s first significant crossover into film with her first produced script and co-directorial debut. She is currently developing an interactive film project with FilmServe and the BBC. She is also signed to Bell Lomax for her novel “Driven Sane” which is currently in development as a feature script, and is working with Bert on developing a low budget feature “The Northern Line” and “The Land of Forever Night.”
Bert (Amber Templemore-Finlayson) started in commercial production and followed her passion for independent filmmaking to become a freelance producer. As a producer she has made two films with Daniel Mulloy. Bert’s “Antonio’s Breakfast” received Film Council Funding and premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2005, and has since been selected by Sundance, Clermont Ferrand, Boulder and Rotterdam film festivals. It also earned her first BAFTA for Best Short Film 2006 and Best Drama Award at Aspen 2006. She has also co-directed her first two shorts “Phobias” and “Kids” which have received funding from the British Council Digital Shorts Scheme and the Moving Picture Company. Bert is currently developing three feature scripts and is co-producing her first feature “Glue.”


UK / 2005 / 8 MIN 8 SEC / ENGLISH

Cast: Paul Fulwood, Victoria Broom, Sule Rimi, Samantha Lee Saunders
Cinematography: Kyoung Dun Kim
Editing: Hillary O’Hare
Sound: Mark Hessel
Music: Dan Robinson
Screenplay: Mark Hessel
Producer: Alexendra Simpson
Directed by: Nadeem Iqbal

After a long dry spell in his sporting career, Ashley’s luck has finally changed. Returning home from a successful game and looking forward to celebrating his fiancée’s birthday, it appears that Ashley’s life has fallen back into place. However, his reality is shattered by an unpleasant surprise that not only changes the course of his day, but begins to unravel the fabric of Ashley’s life. Treading between reality and fiction, the narrative has been built on the themes of love, faithfulness, deceit and deception.

Nadeem Iqbal has been a print and electronic journalist with experience of working with The News, Geo TV, the monthly magazine Newsline and an international feature agency, Inter Press Services. His forte has been developmental journalism. After completing his masters in film and TV production from the University of Bristol, UK, he has been using his skills in producing dramas and documentaries on public-interest issues. He is an alumni of Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, Sri Lanka, and Friedrich Neumann Stiftung, Germany. Nadeem is also a Chevening scholar, holding an MA in English literature from Punjab University in Lahore.

PAKISTAN / 2006 / 7 MIN 28 SEC

Cast: Hassan Arshad, Haider Ali, Waleed Zafar, Hasan Ali, Nida Khan
Cinematography: Hasan Ali, Nida Khan
Editing: Hasan Ali
Written, Produced and Directed by: Hasan Ali and Nida Khan

The story revolves around a person who is a slave to time. His every move is prescheduled, and the slightest intrusion in his routine messes up his system and provokes him to take drastic measures.

Hasan Ali was born in Lahore in 1980. At present he is a student of the Beaconhouse National University. Hasan tries to experiment with the techniques taught at school in order to enhance them.

Nida Khan is a student of Beaconhouse National University. She did a research project on the works of Satyajit Ray at the age of 17, and has critically analysed the works of filmmakers such as Ingmar Bergman and Vittorio De Sica. Nida is a hardworking and devoted filmmaker determined to rebuild the Pakistani film industry.


UK / 2006 / 3 MIN 21 SEC / ENGLISH

Cast: Pooja Pottenkulam
Animation and
Cinematography: Joanne Hummel-Newell
Sound and Music: Joanne Hummel-Newell
Directed by: Joanne Hummel-Newell

Absent love and memories from home force a girl to build a kite.

Joanne Hummel-Newell graduated in animation from Royal College of Art in June 2006.

    Push Button For
USA / 2006 / 15 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Bob McAndrew, Mike William, William Rayford, Missy McHugh, Gundi Gabriella, Alexandria Thorson, Joe Mancuso
Cinematography: Russell Santos
Editing: Russell Santos, Shahriar Rahman
Screenplay: Monica Mehta, Mumtaz Hussain
Executive Producers: Mahmood Shauket, Rana Imtiaz Ali Khan
Produced and Directed by: Mumtaz Hussain

Everything changes at the push of a button. People start to walk. Some are unmindful of their gait, while others deliberately cross boundaries between the actual and the imaginary. In turn, one's very notion of what is real is called into question.
"Push Button For" is based on Pakistani writer Ghulam Abbas' short story "Overcoat."

Mumtaz Hussain is a painter and filmmaker. His movie "Soul of Civilization" was successfully previewed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with its 2003 exhibit: "The Art of the First Cities." He recently completed a short film "Inside You", the premiere of which was presented by ImaginAsia. It was also selected for the Tiburon International Film Festival. In 1981, Mumtaz accepted admission into the National College of Arts in Lahore and made his first film there. He left for London in 1987 to study illustration at the Media of Arts Centre, after which he came to New York to pursue design at the School of Visual Art.


TURKEY / 2005 / 5 MIN

Editing: Ramazan Emiroglu
Executive Producer: Alihan Karagul
Written and Directed by: Ersen Ersoy

A group of seven- to eight-year-old children of different nationalities, races and appearances are all looking very happy and hopeful. These children seem to complete a whole. Everybody in the world is working for his or her piece of the “Puzzle.” This short film reflects equality between humans no matter what part of the world they are from.

Ersen Ersoy was born in 1976 in Istanbul, Turkey. He entered Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in the Cinema TV Department in 1995. He began his career in 1998 as a camera assistant on the feature film “Kac Para Kac.” Ersen contributed to five feature films in various duties and countless TV commercials. He shot his first short film “Kucuk Bir Film” in 1998, “Bulusma” in 2000 and won the Unesco Fine Arts Students Award in 2000. He shot “Puzzle” which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2005 in Los Angeles, USA. Ersen graduated from the university in 2006 with his short film “Yeniden.” He is currently working as a director for short and feature films.

    R1cksha Rock8
USA / 2006 / 3 MIN 8 SEC / ENGLISH

Animation: Numair Abbas
Editing and Sound: Numair Abbas
Music: DJ Spook
Produced and Directed by: Numair Abbas

A caucasian tourist in Lahore decides to hitch a ride in a seemingly harmless rickshaw, only to experience the ride of her life.

Numair Abbas is currently pursuing his masters in fine arts in animation from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) under a Fulbright scholarship from Pakistan. He was born in Libya and grew up in several countries, including England, Mozambique and Kyrgyzstan before returning to his native Pakistan, where he completed his bachelor’s in graphic design from the National College Of Arts in Lahore. Numair has prepared a series of programs for Pakistan Television including a television show to teach cartooning through animation and entertainment.


Restoorane Matrook (Deserted Restaurant)
IRAN / 2005 / 13 MIN / PERSIAN

Animation: Ramak Amin Kazemi,
Maryam Abbaspour
Producer: Saba Center
Written and Directed by: Ramak Amin Kazemi and Maryam Abbaspour

The story of the friendship between an old woman and Death. Death is ordered to take her life but as they like each other very much, he cannot decide what to do.

Born in 1973 in Tabriz , Iran, Ramak Amim Kazemi has a bachelors in graphic design and a masters in animation directing. She has worked as an animator and a designer for a number of production houses and studios. She is currently a university instructor at Nabi-e-Akram University in Tabriz . "Deserted Restaurant" was her masters thesis.

Born in 1977 in Mashhad , Iran , Maryam Abbaspour obtained a bachelors in painting before going on to do a masters in animation. She has assisted a number of animated short films. "Deserted Restaurant", which she designed puppets and sets for and co-directed, has won several awards at international and national festivals.

GREECE / 2005 / 27 MIN / GREEK

Cast: Thomas Leikos, Marinella Vlachaki
Cinematography: Evangelos Vlachakis
Editing: Evangelos Maderakis
Sound: Nikos Katzakis
Music: Ioannis Praroudaskis
Producers: Ioanna Davis, Dimitirs Xenakis,
Aggelos Argurolis
Written and Directed by: Theo Papadoulakis

A peculiar shepherd living in a village in the mountains of Crete hopes one day to become a true samurai. "Samoure" is a story of being different in a small community and the conflicts resulting from it.

At 16 years of age, Theo Papadoulakis worked in local radio stations in Greece as a presenter and producer. In 1993, he moved to the UK for radio and TV studies. During his education he was introduced to film studies and has since been involved in filmmaking. He obtained a master's degree in film directing and producing from the Northern Film School. After his studies, Theo worked for three years as the head of the Film Promotion and Publicity Office at the School of Film , TV and Performing Arts of Leeds Metropolitan University. He is currently living in Greece and runs his own production company, Indigo View.


Shanu Taxi
INDIA / 2006 / 15 MIN / HINDI

Cast: Vikar Kumar, Pramathesh Mehta, Neel Bhattacharya, Gakesh Singh,
Rakesh Maadgal, Rajesh Balwani, Zul Vellani
Cinematography: Vikramaditya Motwane
Editing: Vasant Nath, Vikramaditya Motwane
Sound: Kunal Sharma
Music: Aman Nath
Written, Produced and Directed by: Vasant Nath

Sixty thousand taxis run on the streets on Mumbai. Shanu has been driving a taxi in the city for three years, making next to no money. He only wants enough to be able to take his old father for Haj one day. Late one night, a passenger leaves an expensive mobile phone in Shanu’s taxi. When Shanu returns it, he’s given the phone as a reward. He can choose to sell it, or use it. “Shanu Taxi” is Shanu’s story, about his dreams, his taxi and the city at night.

Vasant Nath studied English literature at St Stephen’s College, New Delhi, and went on to do his masters in social and political sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK. He worked as an assistant to director Deepa Mehta on her feature film “Water”, after which he joined director Bharat Bala, whom he has been assisting in production, filming and script development.

    The Amazing Death of Mrs. Muller

Cast: Dejan Cukic, Bodil Joergensen, Anders Hove, Thomas Levin, Janek Lesniak
Cinematography: Linus Eklund
Editing: Antonio Tublen, Alexander Broendsted
Sound: Torsten Rundquist
Music: Antonio Tublen, Thomas Fransson
Producers: Thomas Allercrantz, Kevin Bendix
Written and Directed by: Antonio Tublen and Alexander Broendsted

The perfect housewife and talented bowling player, Mrs. Muller is lying dead facing downwards in a coffin. The reason is to be found at her greatest, and also last, bowling tournament.

Alexander Broendsted is a Dane and Antonio Tublen is a Swede who together founded PingpongFilm in 2004. It's an artistic playground where the joy of telling good stories and experimenting with the visual expression is in focus.


The Applicant
UK / 2006 / 5 MIN / ENGLISH

Cast: Pervez Qadir, Clare McGlinn, Ash Tandon, Emma Crews
Cinematography: Philip Robertson
Editing: Carlos Domeques
Sound: John Crumpton
Music: Mathew Whitham
Producer: Craig Lawson
Written and Directed by: Faisal A. Qureshi

“Eddie” Ahmed is waiting to be interviewed for a job. Unfortunately, no one has told him what the position actually entails…

Faisal A. Qureshi is a writer and director of dramas and documentaries. He has also written for film and radio, and has worked with Dan Films, DNA Films and the BBC. Faisal is currently preparing his first feature project and working with Academy Award-winning writer, Mark (“The Last Emperor”) Peploe.

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