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“Safar” (Journey) | Pakistan | 2005 | 4 Min 30 Sec | Urdu

Cast: Omer Baz
Cinematography: Zahoor Ahmad
Editing: Noman Anwar
Sound: Amjad Akbar
Executive Producer: Badar Ikram
Producer: Manizhe Ali
Directed by: Bilal Minto

“Safar” is a short film commemorating Pakistan’s 58th Independence Day. A rickshaw driver lovingly washes his vehicle.

About the Filmmaker
Bilal Minto was born in 1967 and is a lawyer by profession. He has previously co-written and co-directed two films - “World Ka Centre” (2002, winner of Special Jurors’ Award at the 2nd KaraFilm Festival) and “Javaid Shampoo” (2004).

Scraper | Germany | 2005 | 6 Min | German

Cast: Tino Blazejewski, Silke Matthias, Teddy Klapper, Monika Gruber
Cinematography: Manto Sillack
Editing: Lars Spath
Sound: Marie-Anne Von Busse
Music: Rupert Schellenberger
Screenplay: Will Moore, Brigette Rothfuss, Wolf Marcus Goppner
Producers: Jan Brandt, Brigette Rothfuss
Directed by: Wolf Marcus Goppner, Will Moore

An architect approaches the highlight of his career at the opening party of his building, the highest skyscraper in the world. But an accident makes it the worst day of his life.

About the Filmmakers
Will Moore was born in 1965 in the United States. He has been working as an architect and filmmaker in Germany since 1994.

Wolf Marcus Goppner was born in Germany in 1970. He is a stone sculptor, and has studied architecture in Berlin, as well as production design at the HFF Konrad Wolf at Potsdam, in Babelsberg, Germany.



Sea Stories | USA | 2004 | 16 Min | English

Cast: Glenn Berman, James Rhine, Beatrice Cipriano, Umbreen Butt
Cinematography: Michael Jackson
Editing: DoKtor Butt
Music: Petre Radu-Scafarcu
Screenplay: DoKtor Butt
Producer: Robyn Reiter
Directed by: Umbreen Butt

“Sea Stories” is a film about a family by the sea, a home which is a prison, a chair, a shed, a mother’s empty bed and a wise old fisherman named Ken.

About the Filmmaker
Umbreen Butt graduated with Honours from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in film arts. She joined the Tisch Hill Theatre Company as an actor, director and playwright, training under Stanislavsky’s system. Umbreen recently moved to Pakistan, and is currently in preproduction for her next short, “Carry Me Home.”



“Sei Nicht Blok” (Don’t Be Woolish) | Germany | 2004 | 2 Min | German

Animation: Max Julian Otto
Editing: Regina Teichs
Producers: Meike Kordes, Alexandra Kordes
Written & Directed by: Max Julian Otto

A bored flock of sheep is seduced by an articulate dog into following him into a desert. One sheep realises the swindle and leaves the flock, courageously making his way back alone.

About the Filmmaker
Born in 1972 in Munich, Max Julian Otto learned drawing and painting from Josef Wagner, Feldafing and studied philosophy of art from 1993 to 1996 in Berlin. He worked as a script lecturer, location manager and assistant director in various commercial film productions. Max has also worked as a storyboard artist for international film production companies. He currently lives in Berlin and “Don’t be Woolish” is his first film.



“Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut” (The Death of Shahrukh Khan) | Pakistan | 2005 | 57 Min | Urdu

Executive Producer: Arjumand Rahim
Producer: Natasha D’Souza
Written & Directed by: Ehteshamuddin

The story of a young boy, his dreams, his hopes and his destiny…

About the Filmmaker
A full time employee of the Sui Southern Gas Company, Ehteshamuddin graduated with a degree in commerce from Karachi University. His interest in the performing arts led him to various theatre groups, including “Tehrik-e-Niswan,” “Katha” and “Theater Circle.” In 1998, Ehteshamuddin was one of the few selected by UNDP for a course in television production at the PTV Academy. He has written a number of dramas for television and stage.


Shaista | Pakistan | 2005 | 47 Min | Urdu

Cast: Arjumand Rahim, Kamran Jilani, Shahood Alvi, Aroosa
Executive Producer: Shamin Khursheed
Producer: Shehzad H. Khan
Directed by: Abrar-ul-Hassan

A woman’s husband is lost in his literary world, leaving her feeling lonely and isolated. To attract his attention, she befriends other men, leading to gross misunderstandings on the part of all the men involved.

About the Filmmaker
Abrar-ul-Hassan studied at the National College of Arts in Lahore, majoring in product design. After his education, he worked as a freelance producer and director. Abrar is a founding member of ‘Style Duniya,’ and has produced and directed a number of television programmes and music videos since 2003.



Sleep | India | 2005 | 12 Min | Punjabi-Multani

Cast: Tinu Anand
Cinematography: Neeraj Mohan Sahay
Editing: Neeraj Voralia
Sound: Sanjay Kurian 
 Amit Dutta
Music: Amoury Groc
Screenplay: Sharat Katariya
Directed & Produced by: Sharat Katariya

When a 60-year-old relationship ends because of the death of a partner, it is often difficult for the surviving partner to live on. “Sleep” is the filmmaker’s personal story of his grandfather, an old man who cannot come to terms with his wife’s death, and therefore cannot find enough ways to pass the time without her.

About the Filmmaker
Sharat Katariya has worked as first assistant director on “Rok Sako To Rok Lo,” and as second assistant and additional writer for the film “Raghu Romeo,” directed by Rajat Kapoor. Sharat’s film “That’s What My Dad Used to Say” was selected for the Ethnofilm and Berlin Film festivals. Sharat is currently working on his film “Long Distance Call.”



Spin | Pakistan | 2005 | 10 Min 30 Sec | English

Cast: Humayun Raza, Aleena Iftikhar, Ibadullah Shaikh
Cinematography: Zahra Khan
Editing: Saira Nagi
Executive Producer: Nudrat Jaskani
Directed by: Nudrat Jaskani, Zahra Khan, Saira Nagi

An addict who has seen too many failures in life is now on the verge of deciding whether or not to submit to death. In the process, he travels back in time and, in hindsight, sees where he might have gone wrong.

About the Filmmakers
Nudrat Jaskani, Saira Nagi and Zahra Khan are third year communication design students at Karachi University. Their goal is to produce good quality films focused on real issues. “Spin” is their first project.



Subway Score | Germany | 2004 | 7 Min |

Voices of: Alexis Kruger, Jim Albrand
Animation: Alexander Isret, Stephen Meyer, Torsten Schrank, Christoph Kellner
Editing: Alexander Beyer
Sound: Micheal Pregler, Matthias Baltz
Screenplay: Alexander Isret
Directed & Produced by: Alexander Isret

The setting is a crowded subway station full of ordinary passengers waiting for their trains. Among the passengers is a dog, deeply engrossed in a game of patience, and not wanting to be disturbed. Suddenly a cuboid pushes its way through the tiled station wall, shoving the dog and his mistress onto the tracks, just as a train speeds into the station.

About the Filmmaker
Alexander Isret was born in 1971 in Pforzheim, Germany. He studied journalism, film and television at the Frei Universitat in Berlin, and has worked as a freelance writer and editor for the FilmForum Magazine. Alexander obtained a diploma in animation from HFF Konrad Wolf at Potsdam, in Babelsberg, Germany, in 2004. He has made cinema and television trailers for the German children’s television and film festival, Der Goldene Spatz. “Subway Score” was judged a winner at the 8th Brooklyn International Film Festival in 2005.



“Suntee Aankhain” (Listening Eyes) | Pakistan | 2005 | 4 Min 11 Sec | Urdu

Cast: Waseem, Sunny Ameet, Ali, Fareedah Bibi
Cinematography: Omar Waiz
Producer: Daniyal Ali Khan
Directed by: Sarah Alvi

A deaf seven-year-old boy realises that sound exists in motion, and that he cannot be ‘deaf’ if he can ‘see’ the sound around him.

About the Filmmakers
Sarah Alvi is a third year student at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. She is majoring in graphic design, with filmmaking as her minor.


“Tabdeeli” (Renovation) | Pakistan | 2004 | 9 Min | English

Cinematography: Farhan Golden
Editing: Ambar Abbas
Music: Faraz Anwer
Directed by: Babar Shaikh

There is an image in Pakistani folklore of a child lost in a carnival. The city of Karachi is similar to a carnival for the child who resides in every individual as he wanders through it, accompanied only by his dreams.

About the Filmmaker
Artist, musician and filmmaker, Babar Shaikh was born in Karachi in 1978. Experimenting with music and photography at a young age led Babar to study at an art school. After working at various design, advertising and production firms, Babar created Diagram Films in December 2000, through which he writes, produces and directs commercials, music videos and short experimental films. Babar is a faculty member at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and at the Visual Studies department at Karachi University.


“Umeed” (Hope) | Pakistan | 2005 | 10 Min | Urdu

Cast: Anees Aslam, Sohail Masood, Faisal Baltistani
Cinematography: Christopher Anderson
Editing: Ejaz Mushtaq
Executive Producer: Geo TV
Producer: Manizhe Ali
Written & Directed By: Rashid Sami

A wall separates the haves from the have-nots…

About the Filmmaker
An engineer by training, Rashid Sami has been acting in theatre and television since 1988. He ventured into direction and production in 1996 with the magazine show "The Sunday Brunch." He has since directed and produced several dramas and telefilms including adaptations of Ismat Chughtai, Mumtaz Mufti and Hameed Kashmiri. He owns one of the largest private television studios, Kohinoor Studios, in Karachi and is currently re-making the classic "Khuda Ki Basti."



“Vorletzter Abscheid” (Before I Go) | Germany | 2004 | 22 Min | German

Cast: Horst Sachtleben, Heidy Forster
Producer: Heiko Hahn Filmproducktion
Directed by: Heiko Hahn

Walter knows he can no longer live with his wife Martha, as she keeps toys in the refrigerator and half-eaten fruit in drawers. In spite of the love they’ve shared over decades, Walter decides to admit Martha into a nursing home. When their last day together arrives, Walter faces an unforeseen dilemma – how to explain his actions to Martha, and more importantly, how to justify his actions to himself.

About the Filmmaker
Heiko Hahn was born in 1974 in Bayreuth, Germany. From 1993 to 1997 he studied civil engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, and later interned for various film productions. Heiko has been working as a script supervisor since 2000.


The Writer | USA | 2005 | 20 Min | Urdu

Cast: Sameer Butt, Laura Covelli, Obaid Kadwani, Kamran Khan
Cinematography: Sofian Khan
Editing: Bert Museta
Executive Producer: Badar Ikram
Producers: Donnie D’Alessio, Manizhe Ali
Written & Directed by: Sameer Butt

Saleem is struggling through a long, dry spell of writer's block. Unfortunately for his ego, his wife Nazia is flying high on her success as a television news reporter. One night Saleem walks out on Nazia in the middle of a fight, and heads to his second job – cab driving. The passenger Saleem picks up makes him an offer: 1500 dollars to be his chauffeur for the night. Saleem accepts, thus embarking on a journey that he did not expect.

About the Filmmaker
Although Sameer Butt holds degrees in architecture and urban design, he has extensive experience in film and television, having worked as an actor, writer, stand-up comedian, director and producer on a variety of projects. Most recently, he wrote, produced and directed “Becoming Muslim: Submitting to Allah in America,” a feature length documentary about American converts to Islam. In 1998, Sameer starred in the Academy Award-winning short film “Atomic Tabasco.” Sameer has also been a contributor and performer on Comedy Central's “The Daily Show” and “Late Night with Conan O'Brien.”



“Zamini” (Terrestrial) | Iran | 2005 | 3 Min 3 Sec |

Animator: Kianoush Abedi
Editing: Roozbeh Kalbasi
Music: Soroosh Abedi
Producer: Saba Cultural and Art Company
Scriptwriter: Hesam Daneshvar
Directed by: Kianoush Abedi

A balloon vendor is heartbroken when a little girl flies away with the balloon he has just sold her.

About the Filmmaker
Kianoush Abedi was born in 1980 in Isfahan. He has a high school diploma in painting. His films include “Nest of Kindness”, “Shadow of Kindness”, “Mother is Mother”, “The Dance of the Devil”, “Terrestrial” and “Barfak” (television series). He has won various national and international awards.



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