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[a] | Pakistan | 2005 | 13 Mins

Cast: Abdullah Qamar, Rafiq Baloch
Editing: Khalid Ali Qureshi
Executive Producers: Samiullah Shaikh, Muhammad Saleem
Producer: The Red Ones
Directed by: Ibadullah Shaikh, Saboor Haider

“[a]” takes a look at Pakistani school systems, their emptiness, and the resultant production of empty and easily manipulated minds.

About the Filmmakers
Ibadullah Shaikh and Saboor Haider are both third year students at Karachi University’s Visual Studies Department. “[a]” is the result of their combined decision to put their acquired skills and technical knowledge to test.

“?” | Pakistan | 2005 | 4 Min | Urdu

Cast: Ahsen, Jaazil, Qarrar Hussain
Editing: A.A.W. Bhatti
Executive Producer: Badar Ikram
Producer: Manizhe Ali
Directed by: Fizza Ali Meerza

The history of Pakistan through the eyes of a Pakistani who has seen it all…

About the Filmmaker
Fizza Ali Meerza is currently working towards a bachelors degree in mass communication. She is also a first year theatre arts student at the National Academy of Performing Arts. Fizza has previously worked with Ahsan Rahim and Amena Khan of Dream Team Films.



20 Minutes | Pakistan | 2005 | 20 Min | Urdu

Cast: Aamir Yameen, Hasan Ali, Saleemuddin
Cinematography: Ayaz-ul-Haq
Editing & Music: Jibran Zuberi
Screenplay: Amir Yameen
Producer: IndieVisuals
Directed by: Jibran Zuberi

Late one night, a taxi driver picks up an unlikely passenger: A blind writer who seeks no particular destination, but only a ride of exactly twenty minutes.

About the Filmmaker
Jibran Zuberi is the CEO of IndieVisuals, a private production house in Karachi. As Producer/Director, he has worked on several projects for Indus Music, including the programs “IM Requested” and “Sprite VJ Hunt.” Apart from television shows, Jibran regularly directs music videos and corporate films. “20 Minutes” is his first short film as a director.



2b Or Not 2b | USA | 2005 | 13 Min | English

Cast: Dan Bridges, Susan Boorujy, April Doctolero, Todd Carter
Executive Producer: Giacun Caduff
Producer: Katz Ueno
Directed by: Jacques A. Bale

Modern life affects people’s ways of communication, and Curt knows the burden of it all too well. Stuck at a phone box with his blind date, he wishes he could be someplace else: a place that we call the “internet.”

About the Filmmaker
Jacques A. Bale is a Swiss director currently finishing his BA in Film Production at CSU Long Beach. His previous short film, “Fishbone,” won the Lucern Film Festival Award in 2003 and his documentary project, “The City of Seduction,” was selected for the Platinum Award at the World Fest in Houston in 2001. Jacques is currently working on a two-picture proposal to be produced in 2006.



37º C | Georgia | 2005 | 30 Min |

Cast: David Roinishvili, Amtran Sharmanashvili, Maka Abjandadze
Cinematography: Tamaz Goginashvtli
Editing: Tamara Sulamanidze, Gela Kintsurashvili
Sound: Tamaz Mchedlidze, Vatd Varazi
Screenplay: Tamara Sulamanidze, Storgi Tskhvediani
Directed & Produced by: Tamara Sulamanidze

What would you do if a suitcase of money falls right on you? Just as you start planning what to do with it, the suitcase is ‘gone with the wind.’ Do you really believe it’s that easy to make a million?

About the Filmmaker
Tamara Sulamanidze majored in ‘live action’ film, video and television direction from the California Institute of the Arts in 1999, with five short films on 16 mm, 35 mm and Umatic video. Between 1999 and 2005, Tamara directed music videos and various short films. She is currently working on a documentary about Georgian Rock Music.


“Aaina Wohi Rehta Hai” (The Mirror Remains the Same) | Pakistan | 2004 | 50 Min | Urdu

Cast: Rubina Ashraf, Zhalay Sarhadi, Rehan Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam
Screenplay: Ali Moeen
Producer: Aneela Khan
Directed by: Owais Khan

Sakina is a successful politician who considers her daughter not particularly bright. The daughter, who suffers from a lack of self-esteem, falls in love one day and so finds the courage to rebel against her mother.

About the Filmmaker
Owais Khan is a renowned Pakistani television director. His film “Aaina Wohi Rehta Hai” was produced for Pakistan Television’s festival Aalmi Adab Se Intikhab, and was awarded the first prize.



Alright Love | Germany | 2004 | 14 Min |

Cast: Tim Sander, Valerie Lasseree
Cinematography: Jorg Gruber
Editing: Christian Criebel
Producer: Eikon Media
Directed by: Samuli Valkama

A boy meets a girl on an escalator in a Berlin metro station. After they part, he decides to give love a chance and runs out looking for the girl, but she is nowhere to be found. The city of Berlin comes to his aid, giving him signs that lead him to his love.

About the Filmmaker
Samuli Valkama has worked as a graphic designer and art director for advertising agencies and publishing houses. As a script writer and director, Samuli has worked on live action and animated short film projects. “Alright Love” was the winner of the Berlin Today Award 2005 at the Berlin International Film Festival.



An Eye For A Tooth | UK-Turkey | 2005 | 15 Min | English

Cast: Taylan Halici, Lorna Bennett, Akin Gazi
Cinematography: Dan Rack
Music: Miguel d’Oliveira, Abdelkader Saadoun
Screenplay: Chris Adams
Executive Producers: Shelley Kebir, 
Mark Krycki
Producer: Flare Productions Ltd
Edited & Directed by: Murat Kebir

Efkan is a successful businessman living comfortably in London when his life is thrown into turmoil by the discovery that he is the target of a killer. An unknown assassin from Efkan’s native Turkey is determined to kill him, in order to satisfy a generations-old feud.

About the Filmmaker
Murat Kebir was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1968. After graduating from electronics studies, he went to work for Turkish Radio and Television as an editor on a wide range of projects, including documentaries and dramas. He moved to England in the early 1990s, and worked as an assistant editor at some of the best reputed post-production houses. Currently Murat is a senior editor at Sky Television. “An Eye for a Tooth” marks his directorial debut.



Anastasia | Greece | 2004 | 12 Min | Greek

Cast: Kostis Tzanokostakis, Vicky Papadopoulou, Varvara Lazaridou, Maria Vlahou, Babis Klaliotis
Cinematography: Dimitris Horianopoulos
Editing: Christos Karetsos
Executive Producer: Nikos Nikolettos
Producer: Dimitris Apostolou
Written & Directed by: Dimitris Apostolou

Christos, an employee at the municipality’s cleaning department, returning late at night from work, has a problem with his car. That becomes the cause to meet Anastasia, a young, beautiful girl, who sees him and goes to talk to him. They arrange a date for the next night at the same spot. But Christos does not know the big secret that Anastasia hides.

About the Filmmaker
Dimitris Apostolou was born in 1977 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. He studied film direction at Lykoyrgos Stavrakos Film School and is currently working as an assistant director for films and television commercials. “Anastasia” is his second film.



The Black Ring | Iran | 2005 | 12 Min | Persian

Cinematography: Karim Farshad
Editing: Farhoud Bahri Karami
Sound: Farhoud Bahri Karami
Producer: Farhoud Bahri Karami
Written & Directed by: Farhoud Bahri Karami

“The Black Ring” investigates the increase of divorce in modern society.

About the Filmmaker
Farhoud Bahri Karami was born in 1965 in Tabriz, Iran. He has directed 10 short films.


Blind Faith | Pakistan | 2005 | 4 Min | Urdu

Executive Producer: Badar Ikram
Producer: Manizhe Ali
Directed by: Fizza Ali Meerza

A blind young boy wishes for nothing more than to see his country’s flag. Despite understanding the reality of his predicament, he arms himself with faith and grows more determined that ever to make his wish come true.

About the Filmmaker
Fizza Ali Meerza is currently working towards a bachelors degree in mass communication. She is also a first year theatre arts student at the National Academy of Performing Arts. Fizza has previously worked with Ahsan Rahim and Amena Khan of Dream Team Films.



Boys Don’t Cry | UK | 2004 | 10 Min | English

Executive Producer: Helen Bingham
Producers: Colin McKeown, Julie Lam
Directed by: Emma Bodger

A young boy recounts the events of a traumatic 24-hour period to his mother. Using a video diary, he expresses his conclusions about the ordeal, and explains how he intends to resolve the situation.

About the Filmmaker
Emma Bodger is an established television director and short film maker. “Boys Don’t Cry” is her third short film. Both of her previous films have been award winners at various international festivals. Emma is currently developing feature films with her company Insomnia Films.



Can I Have 2 Minutes of Your Time | Austria | 2005 | 2 Min |

Cinematography: Brigitta Bodenauer
Editing: Brigitta Bodenauer
Sound: Miguel Carvalhais
Directed & Produced by: Brigitta Bodenauer

Starting with the continuous filming of a clock's display for two minutes, “Can I Have 2 Minutes of Your Time” was processed in a real-time programming environment for video.

About the Filmmaker
Born in 1972, Brigitta Boedenauer studied theatre and currently teaches video editing at a private multimedia school in Vienna. In her work as a filmmaker, Brigitta aims to generate emotive sequences by reassembling stills into animated trajectories. Brigitta is an artist, a media critic, a photographer, a DJ and a VJ.



“Chatarra” (Junk) | Spain | 2004 | 20 Min | Spanish

Cast: Adolfo Fernandez, Maru Valdivielso, Hector Colome, Irene Escolar
Cinematography: Lusi Bellido
Editing: Juanma Nogales
Music: Jose Sanchez Sanz
Screenplay: Daniel Ruiz, Rodrigo Rodero
Directed & Produced by: Rodrigo Rodero

A dead girl is found in a river, following which we are introduced to a hermetic and rural Spanish town of the seventies.

About the Filmmaker
Born in Madrid in 1974, Rodrigo Rodero recently finished his studies in direction at the School of Cinema in Madrid. Rodrigo also holds a degree in audiovisual communications. His earlier projects include “Kundas” and “Crystal Sea.” Rodrigo is currently planning a feature film.



The Cherry on Top | India | 2005 | 14 Min 14 Sec | English

Cast: Amir Malik, O. P. Dimri, Neel Mani Sapkota
Cinematography: Vikash Nowlakha
Editing: Anand Subaya
Sound: Jalebee
Producer: Ayesha Punvani
Written & Directed by: Ayesha Sood and Nitya Mehra

A scrap collector collects the scraps of the rich and sells them to the tightest fists of Delhi: the wholesalers. The only thing he hopes for at the end of the day is a slim profit so that he can feed himself.

About the Filmmaker
Ayesha Sood was born in New Dehli in 1976. She has studied music, camera work, still photography and film direction at King's College, London. She wrote, produced and directed the short “POV,” and recently co-directed, with Nitya Mehra, a TV serial titled “Happy Go Lucky.” Nitya Mehra was born in Amritsar in 1978, and grew up mainly in New Delhi. She studied film at New York University. Strongly influenced by film theory and technique, Nitya returned to India in 2000, and has been working in the film industry as an assistant director ever since.



Collision | UK | 2005 | 2 Min 30 Sec |

Producer: Animation Department, Royal College of Art, UK
Animated & Directed by: Max Hattler

Islamic patterns, American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags serve as an abstract field of reflection.

About the Filmmaker
Max Hattler was born in Germany. He did his MA in animation in 2005 from the Royal College of Art, London. His other projects include “Nachtmaschine,” “To Bed” and “Alpraum.”



“Cuadrilatero” (Quadrilateral) | Spain | 2004 | 20 Min | Spanish

Cast: Jordi Dauder, Angeles Maeso, Mathieu Amalric, Silvia Marso
Cinematography: Alfonso Postigo
Editing: Adoracion G. Elipe
Music: Christopher Slaski
Screenplay: Jose-Carlos Ruiz, Virginia Yague
Producer: Jose-Antonio Bonet
Directed by: Jose-Carlos Ruiz

Four characters with no names form a love quadrilateral. Each character is incapable of expressing his or her feelings, but loves wholeheartedly, without being loved in return.

About the Filmmaker
Born in 1972, Jose-Carlos Ruiz studied film in college and at the Madrid Film School, where he made the first version of “Quadrilateral” in 1998. Dissatisfied with his effort, Jose made the new version in 2004, for which he has won awards at several international film festivals.



Dangerous Animal | Germany-Tunisia-Slovakia | 2005 | 9 Min 25 Sec | English

Cast: Christoph Hagen Dittmann, 
Ahmed Ben Mansour
Cinematography: Guntram Franke
Editing: Thomas Frick
Screenplay: Stefan Zwanzger, Thomas Frick
Producer: Stefan Zwanzger
Directed by: Thomas Frick

Down in the wadi in a wooden box is a dangerous animal, according to the Bedouins. The greedy tourist dismisses their fears as superstition and decides to catch it. And so fate takes its course…

About the Filmmaker
Thomas Frick was born in Rostock, Germany in 1962. He did his MFA in directing at HFF Konrad Wolf, Potsdam in Babelsberg, Germany. He has been making films since the late 1980s, and has won several awards for his works, including an audience award at the Festival of the Nations, Munich, for “Dangerous Animal.”


“Dus Rupay” (Ten Rupees) | Pakistan | 2005 | 42 Min | Urdu

Cast: Rabia Naureen, Esheeta Mehboob, Mehak Naz, Kashif Siddiqui, Khalid Ahmad
Cinematography: Majid Mumtaz, Sharjil Baloch
Editing: Zafarullah, Sharjil Baloch
Executive Producers: Usman Zuberi, Nadeem Baig
Producer: Khalid Ahmad
Written & Directed by: Sharjil Baloch

Pressured by immense poverty, a woman thrusts her young daughter into prostitution. In spite of the sordidness of her life, the girl retains her child-like innocence, and finds friendship in the most unlikely places.

About the Filmmaker
Sharjil Baloch is a medical doctor whose interests have shifted towards filmmaking over the last five years. Sharjil’s documentary on the communal situation in Sindh, “Ki Jana Mein Kaun”,’ was shown at the 4th KaraFilm Festival.



Delirium | Turkey | 2005 | 6 Min | English-Turkish

Cinematography: Selwk Erzurumus
Editing: Ulag Simseil
Music: Alxer Maral
Directed &
Produced by: Ethem Ozguven

Sometimes the world can be so boring and static…

About the Filmmaker
Born in 1962, Ethem Ozguven has directed short films, video art and documentaries since 1986. He was a director for the Golden Orange International Short and Documentary Film Festival in 1995 and 1996, and for the Environmental Scenario and Production Awards in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Ethem has won several international awards, and there are retrospectives of his work at universities and film festivals in Germany and Hungary.



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